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What are holonomic wheels or omniwheels?

Holonomic wheels are wheels with 2 degrees of freedom.

They are also known as omni-directional drive wheels or omni-wheels for short, sometimes written as omniwheel.

We had invented a new holonomic wheel and it is LEGO Mindstorm RCX and NXT compatible.

These wheels were used in major competitions like NJRC National Junior Robotic Competition and WRO World Robot Olympiad and won championship and runner-up prizes respectively. Many other users around the world had used these omnidirectional wheels in Robocup and in all sorts of robotics competitions.


Our product is made from ABS plastic that is similar to the ABS plastic used by LEGO. It does not contain the unsasfe chemical Diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP).


Holonomic Wheel is a trademark and a new invention by School Of Robotics.

This Holonomic Wheel invention is patent pending.

(HS Code 9503 0040)


omniwheel or holonomic wheel that is LEGO Mindstorm RCX NXT compatible - isometric view

LEGO Mindstorm RCX NXT compatible omni-wheel or holonomic wheel front view

LEGO RCX NXT Mindstorm compatible omni-directional wheel or holonomic wheel drive top view