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Reference No:2522
Description:More stable omniwheel driven NXT robot using Holonomic wheel.
Special features:Using beams to construct the base is more stable.
Omni Wheels:Uses 3 Holonomic Wheels to achieve omni-directional movement.
Construction:Using only 1 set of Lego NXT. The stages should be easy to follow.

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Omnidirectional Lego NXT robot using Holonomic wheels.
Lego NXT removed to show the 3 omniwheels in an equilateral triangle formation.
Omniwheel used is Holonomic Wheel whichi s directly Lego NXT and RCX compatible.
With one omniwheel removed to show ease of construction using one Lego Axle.
With one NXT motor removed to show the mounting. 2 Holonomic wheels positioning can be seen in the background.
The base showing how to construct a triangular base using Lego beams.

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